The Clartherm demister system is an electrical multi-layer resistence which provides heat to the rear part of the mirror, avoiding the accumulation of steam on the mirror.

The demister system is manufactured with several totally insulating layers, i.e., nobody can get a cramp by touching the demister systems with his hands once it is connected to the electric current.

The number of layers oscillate between 2 and 4 according to the various models, and one of the layers is at the same time self-adhesive so as to facilitate the installation of the demister to the rear of the mirror.

The demister system disposes of the cables to be connected to the electric current; this is the connexion between the demister system itself and the power grid.

Clartherm demister systems can be manufactured in any size and shape. The maximum size of a single demister sheet is 1010 x 1360 mm.

For very large mirrors, two or more demister systems can be installed and connected among them on the mirror.


Siliconated mirrors: The thickness of the demister does not impede the installation of siliconated mirrors directly to the wall.

Mirrors with hangers: We can adapt all our demister systems to any type of hangers existing on the market. We can even manufacture demisters with cut-outs exactly at the point of the hangers.

Mirrors with wooden rear: The low temperature and the little thickness of the demister sheet allows the usage of our systems to any mirror with wooden rear and will represent no problem.

Important remark: it’s absolutely mandatory to dispose of a point of current (220v. – 110v. – 24v.) which has to be commanded by a switch to open and to close the electric current.

Clartherm prohibits explicitly the connection of our demister systems to continous power outlets (plugs).


The virtues of our products are essentially to keep the bathroom mirror dry and without any accumulation of steam on it; i.e., you will always get a clear image without any need of dryers, hands, towels, etc.

On the other side, the NO accumulation of humidity on the mirror will increase the lifetime of it and will avoid at short term its oxidation.

Finally we help to increase the safety of the mirror, as the self-adhesive sheet acts as an adherent, i.e., avoiding the falling down of the sherds in case of the breakage of the mirror.


Once connected to the electric current and through its corresponding on/off switch, we put the system to work (on) or we stop its working (off). After several minutes the demister system reaches its maximum power, providing the mirror with approximately 32ºC, absolutely sufficient to avoid accumulation of steam on the mirror. The surface of the mirror defogged by our demister is approximately 5 cm more than the size of the demister (example: a demister of 100×100 defogs a surface of 110×110).


The installation of our product is easy and fast.

Our demister systems can be installed on any bathroom mirror, provided that there is access to the rear of the mirror, as the demister has to be adhered there. Furthermore, two or more demister systems may be combined on one single mirror according to its dimension.

It’s convenient to check the power rating (230V/115V/24V) by means of a tester. Once verified and with the light switch off, connect first the blue cable to one of the electric current cables and afterwards connect the brown cable to the other one.

Do never connect the ground cable (yellow and green). Once the two cables are connected, the demister system is ready for its usage.

In the case of siliconated mirrors it is convenient to check the correct working of the demister before glueing the mirror to the wall.