CLARTHERM DEMISTER SYSTEM is a multi-layer device that will provide heat to the back of the bathroom mirror to prevent the formation of steam on the mirror. CLARTHERM DEMISTER SYSTEMS are manufactured in any shape and size (square, rectangular, oval, round, and even with holes). The maximum size of a single demister system is 98x98 cm. For mirrors larger than 100X100 we should use 2 demister systems and connect them together.

Product 1

How does a DEMISTER SYSTEM work?

CLARTHERM DEMISTER SYSTEM works when we switch on the power switch where the system is connected to. After a few minutes (approx. 2 minutes), the DEMISTER SYSTEM reaches its maximum temperature, about 30ºC, enough to demist the mirror. The surface which a demister system can keep free from steam is about 4 or 5 cm larger than its own size. Example: a demister system with the size 100x100 can demist an area of 108x108.

Product 2


The first and most essential advantage is that our mirror will remain dry and free from steam. This will allow us to have clear mirror any time without having to use hairdryers, hands, towels, etc., to take the steam from the mirror. Second, by having the mirror dry, without moisture, we avoid corrosion and thus lengthen the lifetime of the mirror. Third, we have a clean mirror without needs to wipe it when coming out of the shower and also consuming lesser amount of cleaning products. The fourth advantage is on safety, because the demister system is like a laminate, i.e., in case the mirrors breaks, it will avoid that glass pieces could fall down.

Product 5

How do I install a DEMISTER SYSTEM?

We can install our DEMISTER SYSTEMS in any bathroom mirror, as long as our demister system has contact with the back of the mirror. The installation of our product is easy and fast. Besides the possibility of combining two or more demister systems on large size mirrors, it allows us to install the system in any type of mirror. For more information please watch the video or download product information.catalog.pdf instructions.pdf tuv.pdf

Product 4

Installing a demister system at the mirror

Installing and Connecting 2 DEMISTER SYSTEMS at the mirror

Connecting a heated mirror to power

Our Stock Sizes

2012-1 Sistema 56x66
2012-2 Sistema 56x71
2012-3 Sistema 56x76
2012-4 Sistema 56x81
2012-5 Sistema 56x86
2012-6 Sistema 61x61
2012-7 Sistema 61x66
2012-8 Sistema 61x71
2012-9 Sistema 61x76
2012-10 Sistema 61x81
2012-11 Sistema 61x86
2012-12 Sistema 61x91
2012-13 Sistema 61x96
2012-14 Sistema 66x66
2012-15 Sistema 66x71
2012-16 Sistema 66x76
2012-17 Sistema 66x81
2012-18 Sistema 66x86
2012-19 Sistema 66x91
2012-20 Sistema 66x96
2012-21 Sistema 71x71
2012-22 Sistema 71x76
2012-23 Sistema 71x81
2012-24 Sistema 71x86
2012-25 Sistema 71x91
2012-26 Sistema 71x96
2012-27 Sistema 71x101
2012-28 Sistema 71x106
2012-29 Sistema 76x76
2012-30 Sistema 76x81
2012-31 Sistema 76x86
2012-32 Sistema 76x91
2012-33 Sistema 76x96
2012-34 Sistema 76x101
2012-35 Sistema 76x106
2012-36 Sistema 81x81
2012-37 Sistema 81x86
2012-38 Sistema 81x91
2012-39 Sistema 81x96
2012-40 Sistema 81x101
2012-41 Sistema 81x106
2012-42 Sistema 81x111
2012-43 Sistema 81x116
2012-44 Sistema 81x121
2012-45 Sistema 81x126
2012-46 Sistema 81x131
2012-47 Sistema 86x86
2012-48 Sistema 86x91
2012-49 Sistema 86x96
2012-50 Sistema 86x101
2012-51 Sistema 86x106
2012-52 Sistema 86x111
2012-53 Sistema 86x116
2012-54 Sistema 86x121
2012-56 Sistema 86x131
2012-55 Sistema 86x126
2012-57 Sistema 91x91
2012-58 Sistema 91x96
2012-59 Sistema 91x101
2012-60 Sistema 91x106
2012-61 Sistema 91x111
2012-62 Sistema 91x116
2012-63 Sistema 91x121
2012-64 Sistema 91x126
6012-65 Sistema 91x131
2012-66 Sistema 96x96
2012-67 Sistema 96x101
2012-68 Sistema 96x106
2012-69 Sistema 96x111
2012-70 Sistema 96x116
2012-71 Sistema 96x121
2012-72 Sistema 96x126
2012-73 Sistema 96x131
2012-74 Sistema 101x101
2012-75 Sistema 101x106
2012-76 Sistema 101x111
2012-77 Sistema 101x116
2012-78 Sistema 101x121
2012-79 Sistema 101x126
2012-80 Sistema 101x131
2012-81 Sistema 101x136
2012-4060 Sistema 40x60
2012-4090 Sistema 40x90
2012-5070 Sistema 50x70
2012-90100 Sistema 90x100
rodò70 Sistema 70x70
2012-4070 Sistema 40x70
2012-40100 Sistema 40x100
2012-5080 Sistema 50x80
2012-3545 Sistema 35x45
rodò80 Sistema 80x80
2012-4080 Sistema 40x80
2012-5060 Sistema 50x60
2012-5090 Sistema 50x90
rodò 50 Sistema 50x50
rodò90 Sistema 90x90


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